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Can You Get A SQL Job Without A Degree?

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SQL is a computer language used for programming and managing certain types of data. Today, many careers require employees to have a foundational understanding of SQL to get hired in the position. If you have no plan to go to college, you might wonder - can you get a SQL job without a degree?

If you’re self-driven, you should have no trouble getting a SQL job without a degree. Learning options are abundant online that can help you educate yourself on the methodology of SQL. Many companies even strive to hire self-taught employees.

Are you interested in learning more about getting an SQL job without a degree but don’t know where to go? You’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn more about SQL jobs you can get without a degree, where you can teach yourself SQL, and a degree is worth it. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

What SQL Jobs Can You Get Without A Degree?

If you don’t have a degree, what jobs can you get with a foundational knowledge of SQL? There are plenty of job options out there for those who have resorted to self-teaching to learn about SQL.

Some of the best SQL jobs you can get without a degree include:

  • SQL Developer
  • Database Programmer
  • Database Developer
  • Data Analyst

These are all high-paying SQL jobs, and you don’t need a degree to get them.

If you’re interested in these jobs, you still need to know SQL to succeed. How do you learn SQL without the help of experienced college professors? We’ll dive into this topic next.

How Do You Learn SQL Without A Degree?

There are several ways to learn SQL without a degree. All are simple to access, especially with the online resources of today.

To teach yourself SQL, you can:

  • Take an online class
  • Watch YouTube videos
  • Seek a mentor
  • Access online boot camps

These are effective ways to learn SQL by yourself.

Let’s dive into each of these strategies further so you can take advantage of all learning opportunities available to you. You can try one for yourself or take advantage of all four. The choice is yours.

Take an Online Class

There are plenty of online classes that teach SQL that operate separately from the college environment. Some are free, while others charge a one-time or monthly fee to use. Most give lifetime access to the information they offer.

Some of the best online SQL classes include:

These will give you the training you need without committing to a college degree.

Many courses are free but require a fee if you want to access the certification. Explore class options to find one that fits your price point and offers what you want to learn.

Watch YouTube Videos

YouTube has the answers to almost anything. If you need to learn SQL, there are several videos you can watch to teach the basics of SQL. YouTube is free, so you can bounce from video to video to find the skills you need.

Some of the best YouTube videos for learning SQL include:

These offer training, fast.

There are plenty of options on YouTube if none of these videos work for you. YouTube is an excellent free resource if you need to teach yourself SQL for a job opportunity.

Seek a Mentor

Another thing you can do is learn from a mentor. If you know someone who has SQL experience, ask them to teach you the basics. You can even reach out to a local tech company to see if anyone is willing to let you observe.

A mentor can guide you as you dive into the technological world of SQL. It can be tricky to get started, and a mentor will push you in a way that computer programs struggle to give. Those who lack self-motivation may benefit from the help of a mentor.

Access Online Boot Camps

Last but not least, you can access bootcamps. These are like classes, but much longer. Bootcamps are online resources that can go on for days. They’re like a condensed college experience, right from the comfort of your home.

Some of the best bootcamps include:

These will give you everything you need to succeed in SQL and more.

If you have time, bootcamps are the way to go. They range in price so you can find something that fits your budget and schedule. There are a multitude of bootcamp options out there.

Is It Better To Get A Degree?

Is it better to get a degree? It can seem like a lot to teach yourself SQL. A degree might be better for some, but educating yourself on this craft is better in more ways than one.

It’s often better to teach yourself because:

  • Degrees can be expensive
  • Degrees are time-consuming
  • Some degrees aren’t worth it

Degrees often don’t pay off at the end of the day.

If you want the college experience and the journey is practical for your life, there’s no reason to avoid the degree. However, it’s more than possible to do fine without achieving a four-year degree. You can pick your path towards a SQL career.


SQL is necessary for many occupations. Most of them are high-paying. Although it used to be required to get a college degree to get these kinds of jobs, it’s not anymore. You can get a SQL job without a degree.

We hope this information was helpful! More than ever, it’s possible to get a SQL job without higher education. If you are self-driven, chase the occupation you want! There are plenty of resources online that can help you get to where you need to go.

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